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It’s Great to be 28!

12 Feb

I had a pretty fabulous birthday. Allie brought home a cute cake:

And an even nicer card:

20130212-210745.jpg She takes the best care of her mom. She even gave me a nice handwritten card telling me she didn’t have enough words to tell me how great she thinks I am. That girl is a keeper.
Speaking of keepers, One of the better gifts that I got, by far, was a book of street art by Slinkachu called Little People in the City: The Street Art of Slinkachu from Austin. It’s a compilation of photographs of street art by Slinkachu featuring tiny hand-painted people in the midst of the city. It’s both funny and mesmerizing. I love it. I’ve had a lifelong creepy obsession with miniature things. My dream pet is a miniature size elephant. Additionally, I got some pretty fabulous earrings that are both shiny and nice. Austin did a great job.
And! We went see Identity Thief, which was hilarious. I’m a major fan of Melissa McCarthy since even her Gilmore Girls days. Overall, it was the best birthday I’ve ever had.
I even started working on my 28th year resolutions and started running again today. I downloaded the Zombies, Run!app and plan to start using it tomorrow. It sounds both creepy and motivating. Speaking of, Walking Dead started back! Yayy!
I’m starting to think 28 won’t be so bad.

(I should also mention that my mom and her husband gave me a Keurig for my birthday, and it has changed my life.)