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Buy, Sell, Trade? No, Thanks.

15 Feb

Most days, really probably every day,  I am under the impression that my boyfriend is five minutes away from sainthood or being knighted. There are a lot of reasons:  He is smart, funny, optimistic, handsome, thankful, humble, kind, and patient. If you are having a bad day, he is the type of person you want to be around, because his presence will improve it almost magically.  He’s also the kind of person you want to be around on a good day.  Honestly, I could probably induce vomiting in a jaded person with all of the positive things i have to say.  I just love him. BUT!  One of my favorite things is his overall tolerance of how strange I am. And how he mostly finds the strange things amusing even when he has to be a partial victim.

The most recent example is when, after endlessly searching a Buy, Sell, Trade group on Facebook, where people were trading anything from Fighting Chickens, minivans, crusty shoes, and possibly their children, I decided to post a very ridiculous hoax post in order to elicit a response.


I was beyond thrilled when someone answered, because that meant that not only did they possess wolf decor, they also thought I was serious. Additionally, the possibility existed that I could procure such artwork to give as a gag gift without having to take a blood oath.


Sadly, the artwork only featured wolves and not wolves battling eagles, which greatly disappointed me. You can’t really see the response explaining that, because painting onto a picture with your iphone app is hard, and I don’t know how to edit anything on my Macbook.  (Lame, but still true.)  Additionally, I didn’t text the stranger because I’m not into communicating with random men that aren’t my boyfriend.   Mostly, knowing the artwork only featured wolves was enough to break my heart.

Luckily, Austin was a good sport about it all.  I think he may even now be looking forward to some fancy wall hangings featuring wolves and eagles in the midst of battle.  They are obviously very difficult to obtain, which means I’ll need to learn how to paint. And:  Challenge accepted.  Really, the only way this concept would be better is if it was woven into an ancient tapestry spun by a Cherokee Shaman.

(Disclaimer: My boyfriend really isn’t searching for tacky wall decor featuring wolves fighting eagles.  He has much more sense than that. BUT IF he were to be looking, and you know where he could find it.  Let me know, I may know someone that is looking…)