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30 by 30: 30 Things to Accomplish by 30!

5 Feb

With my 28th birthday approaching (it’s on Monday, if you wanted to bake me a cake), I’ve been thinking a lot about things I would like to accomplish by age 30.  The past two years of my life have been dictated strictly by  parenting Allie and attending grad school, but PA school ends in 87 days.  (Not that anyone is counting.) All things considered, there is a slightly large amount of things I want to do in the next few years, and as a huge fan of setting goals to accomplish (and slaying them like it’s my job), I figured I should go ahead and make the list.

  1. Rory Gilmore reading challenge (I’ve read lots of them, but still have plenty to go!) 
  2. Run a 5k, specifically Color Me Rad!
  3. Catch a fish.  I’ve never caught a fish. Ever.
  4. Take Allie back to Disney World and conquer Epcot!
  5. Jump into a public fountain and splash around like it is nobody’s business.
  6. Dedicate myself to 30 acts of random kindness to strangers.
  7. Graduate from PA school.  (Like I said, 87 daysss!)
  8. Teach myself how to play the Piano again
  9. Throw a huge party to celebrate my last day of being 29
  10. Buy a couch worthy of long naps
  11. Host a dinner party with only food & drinks I make entirely myself.
  12. Take a random road trip and stop to see all things tacky & delightful
  13. Quit biting my fingernails, because biting fingernails seems like a good way to get e.coli.
  14. Visit a palm reader.
  15. Ride a mechanical bull!!
  16. Quit letting clutter pile to the sky and find some form of organization.
  17. Hike the creepy trails around Cumberland Falls without crying about the potential of being bitten by a snake.
  18. Be a mentor.
  19. Be healthier.Eat better. Exercise more.  Be a legit grown up!
  20. Grow a vegetable garden with vegetables worthy of consuming on the regular.
  21. Trace my family history to find out the true source of my level of awesome.
  22. Skydive!!
  23. Send a thank you card to anyone who has been influential in my life, no matter how big or small.
  24. Wear bright red lipstick in public without becoming paranoid that I resemble a harlot or have it on my teeth.
  25. Make a piece of art to hang on my walls.
  26. Get some sort of body modification and laugh about it.
  27. Make an article of clothing that I will actually wear without shame.
  28. Go to another Piano Bar and sing the entire time; even to Phil Collins, who makes me nauseous.
  29. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast.
  30. Quit squinting my eyes in pictures.  See below:


(Yes, those are nunchucks.)

I’ve wanted to do most of these things for quite some time.  It only seems fair to document them in order to hold myself accountable! 30 by 30, here I come!