Spring Break Shenanigans: Flu Baby

12 Mar


I had big plans of spending my super wild Spring Break elbow deep in studying, because I live on the wild side, and on the wild side, we read until our eyes feel crossed and bladders are full. If I had a dime for every time I held my pee in order to finish a paragraph about why you shouldn’t hold your urine, I would have to drink less cranberry juice. Anyway, my plans were thwarted somewhat when I came down with the flu this weekend and handed it kindly over to Allie, because I’m running low on valuable family heirlooms.

So on Spring Break Day #2, we made our way to the local pediatric office.

As someone entering (or maybe already in?) the medical profession, Allie is an interesting patient, and by interesting, i mean good entertainment yet a pain in the rear. When a nurse came in to inform her she had to poke her finger, Allie surrendered it while squeezing her eyes shut. Then, as she watched her nurse squeeze blood out of her finger following the stick, she dramatically said, “you know, I’ll need you to leave a bit of that in my body so that I can survive.”

“Uh huh,” the nurse said, playing along. “I think you’ll live.”

Then Allie’s nurse double wrapped her finger with bandaids. One vertically, one horizontally. “Ugh,” Allie muttered. “It seriously looks like part of my finger has already fallen off. I’m probably lose my whole hand any day now”

“So much drama.” The kind nurse said as she laughed out the door.

If only she knew.

We left with a Flu diagnosis and Allie complaining about how she hoped she didn’t lose her right hand from the finger stick, as that’s the one she writes with and it would greatly impact her doodling. I think if she has enough energy to complain, we will both be alright.


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