Laugh Worthy

8 Mar

Things on the internet that have made me laugh lately:

Compilation of goats yelling people.  In the event that you haven’t watched it, let this be the time you give in to temptation.

strongSo true! Nothing would make Nokia phones go away.  They were nearly indestructible.  As for these super secure bracelets, I think everyone knows they are real pain in the rear.  The fact that I still don’t have one on my wrist is only because I own three pairs of scissors.


Jail time, you say?  Jenelle ain’t skeered.  Not only is she not scared, but she also isn’t willing to go, because she has to go see Ke$ha jam to Tik Tok. She didn’t get all those feathers in her hair for nothing! (Yes, I’m still watching Teen Mom 2.  No, I’m not willing to stop.  Yes, I know I’m too old and too cool.)

Hipster Disney Princesses.  I laughed inappropriately hard.  I may be hipster Snow White or Belle for Halloween.

Wearing Crocs will never be okay to me.


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