Lunch Box Rapper

25 Feb


Sometimes when Allie packs her lunch, I sneak a card in it with a poem (read: rap song) written by myself on it. Mostly writing them makes me laugh, and after a while, there are only so many cute notes you can get from your mom in your lunchbox.

At some point, I saw that it was clearly time to graduate from smiley faces to short raps.

It kind of makes me ponder if other kids chew over how Allie’s mom is such a dope rapper, and if they can somehow pick up my mad rhyme skills just by sitting by her and sharing stale pretzels. (She usually packs her own lunch, because she’s under the impression she is a grown woman, and so the stale pretzels as a snack are generally her fault and not mine.)

I also speculate as to if she even reads them as a rap, or if she reads them steadily like a Seuss poem while wondering why there are no colorful cartoons resembling caricatures of real animals.

(Happy early Birthday to Dr. Seuss. 3/2/1901-9/24/1991)

Mostly, I contemplate if the other kids are wondering why Allie’s mom, who is whiter than Eminem and Lady Gaga combined, fancies herself a lunch box rapper.

I may not pack the best school lunch. I may not even be the person who packs the lunch. But I will hold myself personally responsible for all of Allie’s friends questioning what in tarnation is wrong with her mother, and I’m proud of that.


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