Allie and the Animals

18 Feb


My daughter Allie is probably the funniest person I know. But she also has a very kind heart and a pretty tough exterior. She will greet a fall with laughter instead of tears. As of late, she’s also become quite the humanitarian. When I asked what she wanted for her upcoming 8th birthday, one of her requests was to donate to a Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry called Reece’s Rainbow. Since visiting the website, seeing the pictures, and me explaining to her what it was, it’s been the only thing for which she has asked; and considering this day and age, I’m pretty proud that all my soon-to-be 8 year old wants is to donate to an adoption ministry. For a kid who has so much, she asks for very little.

Recently, her other requests have expanded. Following a bout of tears during ASPCA commercials, she also wants to donate money in the direction of animals in need. She managed to fall prey to the pictures of injured animals and Sarah McLachlan songs. The Human Society of America commercials helped as well. At one point, she heard a statistic regarding an animal getting injured every minute. Soon after, she would watch the clock and every SINGLE time it officially became a new minute she would spring into tears again. (She’s also fairly dramatic.)

The events of the following minutes went something like this:

6:08: NO!! An animal is hurt again. A CAT!!! A CAT JUST GOT A CAST.

6:09: MOOOOM!!!! Another cast on a dog

6:10: OH MY GOOODNESS. The clock changed again!! Another injury. Someone is probably beating a dog!

6:11: SWEET JAYYYYSUS. I bet a cat just got poked in the eye.

6:12: Mooooom. Cats can’t hold markers. How will its friends sign the cast?!

I made matters worse by showing her this picture from Google.


“NOT A HEDGEHOG TOO!!” She replied as she threw her body into the living room floor as if she was free falling from a giant mountain.

The dramatics stopped at some point, when she had clearly exhausted herself of compassion and sense of mind.

She’s always loved animals, but lately it’s been a bit more intense than usual. While I think it’s great, part of me worries she will be an animal hoarder at some point in her life, all stinking of litter box and hamster cage lining while stomping around in Birkenstocks and not shaving her armpits.

But for today, I’m just glad she is more concerned with others than herself. Animals included. I still think she liked meat too much to join PETA and spray paint fur coats.


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