Ringing in 28: Resolutions for My Newest Year

11 Feb

A lot of people make their resolutions when they ring in a new year.  I prefer to make them on my birthday. This list is a loose collection of things I will either attempt to do or get better at in my 28th year.

  • Be more willing to admit when I listen to pop music.  Like Bruno Mars ‘When I Was Your Man’, which I’ve listened to no less than 10 times since turning 28 hours ago.  At first I was ashamed, then I realized it sounded good and downloaded the entire CD. Maybe I should just spend the year of being 28 admitting my overall love for Bruno Mars, especially Marry You.
  • Make more attempts to let people know how important they are and how thankful I am for them.  I like to hear it.  So it wouldn’t hurt for me to make more attempts at insuring that all of the people important to me know.
  • Spend less time ridiculing people. Particularly when they put up really silly Facebook posts.  I was going through my phone to delete pictures the other day, and to say I had quite a few that were screenshots of someone being overly dramatic or saying something crazy is an underestimate.  But I’m guilty.  If you act a fool on Facebook, I will screenshot it and send it to my boyfriend or close friends that will also laugh at you .  I will also do this with your mugshot; in fact, I will ALWAYS do this with your mugshot.  That said, I’m still trying to make an effort to only do this when it is 100% necessary.  Also, I hope you do it to me if I’m acting like someone that needs to be on Springer, or if I make the horrible mistake of ending up on Jailtracker.
  • Spend more time with my friends and family.  Since school started almost two years ago, I’m pretty much a hermit.  I study, study, and study some more.  And when I’m not, I’m tired from studying or working a 60 hour work week (for free).  This should end in May, and at this point, I plan to quit hanging out in my living room with my head crammed in Current
  • I need to become more organized this year.  I loathe organization and cleaning, but I love it when my house is clean.  A lot of it is a time issue.  My time is so limited between Allie and school that when I do have free moments I would really rather not spend them cleaning.  In fact, one reason that I’ve continued to educate myself is that a long time ago I set the goal that I would not stop going to school until I had a career where I could feasibly pay someone else to clean my house twice a week.  BUT–I kind of feel as a real grown up, I should probably get better at shoving things in organizations bins and not letting clutter stack until I want to pull my hair out and/or end up on Hoarders. I could probably brush up on doing dishes as well.   Honestly, though, maybe I would be a good candidate for Hoarders, because I would not care when they wanted to trash everything.  I would just be thankful.
  • Take more self portraits and pictures with Allie.  I hate having my picture taken.  But I know that in 20 years, I’m going to wish I’d been more cooperative about photos.
  • Go to one or a few concerts.  I love concerts.  I like the music, but I like the people watching even better.
  • Drink actual water rather than deciding that because my beverage was made with water at some point that it counts.
  • Be less of a jerk.
  • Actually get in Laurel Lake.  The lake grosses me out in ways I can’t explain.  I will go, but I will not enter.  I feel like if I do enter, I’ll need a strong course of Bactrim, in a near immediate fashion.  But I think I’ll try to get over it this year.

I think that’s enough.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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