Reasonable Fear

30 Jan

A lot of things have changed since I last wrote online.  Kim Kardashian got married for 3 seconds to some unimportant NBA player,  and is now having Kanye West’s baby (I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digga, but she ain’t messin with no..).  People now post a noticeable amount of photos online, and it is apparently acceptable to take them with your smartphone using an overflowing trashcan as background ambiance. Also, I now own a Macbook that I have no idea how to use and have fallen prey to pledging that I will only ever own Apple products.  Oh, and I got a divorce, went back to school and am nearly graduated (less than 100 days). Also, I have an amazing boyfriend (saved the best for last)!

One thing that hasn’t changed? My fear of traumatic head injuries.  Nice segue, right?

I know I have an issue. BUT: People take a lot of fears seriously.  At the mention of a fear of spiders, snakes, or large crowds, people seem to be accepting. I will accept that you can’t be in the same room as a spider that has no desire to devour your face.  I will even accept that you can manage a dark room, because WHO knows what is lurking under the bed. However, when I mention that I would wear a helmet nearly everywhere I go if people wouldn’t look at me like I was a freak, people seem slightly (read: WAY)  less accepting.  To me, it seems way more logical to fear head injuries and desire to wear a helmet than to run from spiders, but who am I to tell anyone their fear is dumb, especially after this paragraph of ridiculous.

Anyway, when watching Buckwild the other day (shut up! I know it’s a horrible television show, but I like bad TV,  e.g. Honey Boo Boo, Teen Mom 2), I discovered that Katie, who they have deemed “The College Girl”, because she is probably the only one with a half semester of credits before having to drop out and get a job to fuel her Bud Light habit, had on what I would call a classy looking helmet.  The sort I would probably wear if I gave in to my desire to protect my head from coma inducing injuries.

Apparently it’s an equestrian helmet for horse-rider girls, which I am currently not.  But should I lose my mind and give in to the desire to drive with a helmet on,expect to see me in this.

When talking with my boyfriend about my desire to wear helmets, he calmly told me that he could see me wearing a helmet all the time and suddenly justifying wild stunts that I would normally never do, like jumping off of tall rocks. All while claiming it was okay, because I had on my helmet.   I couldn’t exactly disagree with him.   But the conversation changed and helmet talk was over, mostly because I think his fear is that I will try to wear a helmet the next time we go out to dinner.

The next morning I was up early studying (and watching television), and BAM!  A commercial came on promoting that people wear helmets in order to prevent head injuries.  I furiously texted Austin.


AUSTIN:  Are you sure it wasn’t just a Saturday Night Live skit?

Touche . While it wasn’t an SNL skit, it did promote that people wear helmets…while riding bicycles, not wandering around Kroger.

I guess I can develop a new fear and ditch the idea that perhaps one day we may all walk around  in harmony while wearing helmets and protecting our craniums.

(Disclaimer: I don’t know that I would actually ever wear a helmet in an event in which it was not deemed necessary, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about it more often than not!) 



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